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microchips for humans HowTo

Welcome to Evilmed . This is your  first guide on how to find a microchip!..

I will later post a picture of the chips that i found in my body!

It is actually quite simple to find them… but unfortunately it will cost you something.. I will try to keep it as Short as possible…

so.. Make a FULL BODY MRI  and you will find them…in my case.. they are located at my knees..

what most people don’t know.. is:

what is MRI ?

MRI = Magnetic Resonance Imagery

RMN= Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

What does MRI do ?

MRI detects all the fiber types in your body… and classifies them! So when a new type of fiber is detected… it will be discovered! :)

I strongly recommend a full body scan!

We are 3 people so far… 2  from Romania and 1 from Austria.

All of us have been chipped at the knees! (so keep that possibility open!)

Before i found mine i only tried partial scans.. You will lose a lot of money with partial scans!

Try to remember when u “fell asleep.. while with ur friends!

I was drugged on severeal occasions and chipped.. with a seringe through my jeans! i still recall it to this day!.. imagine my surprise when i actually found something at my knees!

i actually have 4 microchips in my body! 2 at each knee!

if you need help… please don’t hesitate to contact me!

WhoAmI: Just a guy who managed to find the chips!

if u have chips at your knees… contact me urgently.. cos’ we r a few.. and against the same..

Will come back with more info! 😉

PS: Beware of Romanians!


u can find me on facebook: Dani Starlord