Microchips and the NWO

hey guys… U R GONNA LOVE THIS!! would like to make public some information… There is a chip (microchip) and it’s the Bible Chip.. it’s a chip that testes all the human functions Smell, touch, sight, hearing. In other words.. is the chip of the “Bible”. Watches everything you do.. hears everything u hear, everything u think. Now the system is made for this chip to be ridiculed. It is not in your brain or right hand.. This chip is inserted at your knees. I have already found at least 3 other people that are like me.. As you can probably guess the illuminati and our gouvernments deal with this.. in my case it’s my countries information service… and yes.. i remember everything.. he drugged me.. IN OFFICIAL office. Now.. the chip is meant to be ridiculed! Nobody will believe you.. but is true.. i actually have proof of my chips.. so that doesn’t make it ridiculous. They have worked for tens of years .. at least 10 years in my case.. Do you have European funds in your country ? I DO! What they do is.. they steal all the money.. 80-90%. They will take all the money.. and u will praise the EU for helping your country! So all the money that the EU gives country.. is actually just a scam for the NWO to get the money! Most of the people who have “bipolar disorder” are actually diagnosed wrong. Not because they hear things but because they do not know how to find the chip (or even if they have one!) These microchips are visible only under MRI as they r not made of metal or anything like that.. but rather silicon. Now.. this is the global plan! And i want to wake up everybody! If you are dignosed with Bipolar Disorder (I am Not!) u can make a full body MRI.. if u find anything at your knees please come and find me! You are not alone! I am trying to get every1 together!always find me on Copacelul Vietii or on x@evilmed.ro